Guide to Coding in Computer Programming: For a Beginner


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I am sure you heard the term coding, but I am not sure if you clearly understand how does it work. This guide will unfold everything you need to know about coding in computer programming.

Just as how we as human are communicating with different languages, to give instructions or request something from someone, it is the same with human and computer.

To interact with computer, we need a language that computer can interpret and understand so that it can perform necessary tasks or operations. This means, computer programming languages are the main key to bridging gap between us as human and computer.

Now, if you ask me what coding is, my answer will be; coding is the way of giving computer some instructions (Communicating with computer) to perform specific operation by using programming language of your choice according to your needs or requests.

Coding acts similarly to a manual. It is readable by computers, which use it as a step-by-step manual for execution.

Basically, in this guide we are going to start exploring almost everything from the first developed computer programming language, how computer programmers are coding in their development tasks such as web development, and also a brief hint on jobs you can land with a certain skill set of coding languages. Excited! Let dive in.

The first programming language coding

Did you have any clue that the first programming language was originated way back in 1843?

To give you a clue, let me tell you a little bit history about a computer. In the mid 1800s, someone called Charles Babbage designed the first computer known as the Babbage Engine.

However, the Babbage Engine did not look like the computers we are using today.

Now, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage were working together on the Analytical Engine, which was suppose to be a primitive mechanical computer. During that time, Lovelace realized that numbers could represent more values that just numerical values.

So, Ada Lovelace created the first machine algorithm, which she recorded on paper for an early computing device. Since then, programming languages have undoubtedly advanced significantly, but in order to comprehend their history, we must first recognize where they came from.

Konrad Zuse a German civil engineer and pioneering computer scientist, created Plankalk├╝l (Plan Calculus), the first "real" programming language, perhaps between 1944 and 1945. Zuse' language supported the construction of processes, which contained sections of code that could be called repeatedly to carry out repetitive tasks.

After a lot of significant improvements, in 1972 Dennis Ritchie developed C which is considered as the first high-level language. 

How Coding Works

Coding lines

For each computer program to know what to do, there must be a written code. There are tens of thousands to billions of lines of encoded text and numbers in computer software and applications. For tasks to be completed both online and offline, computers must rapidly read the code.

Developer must talk to computer by coding for a computer to upload any content to the screen. The fact is that, our daily activities such as opening our email, printing, displaying graphics and text, doing text formatting such as text color, size and style, and so on, computers must be instructed (Programmed by developer) by coding and follow those instructions. 

However, as a normal user, when you carry out these actions, no code is displayed on the screen. You only see the text and visuals that a computer was programmed to display.

So, knowing how to write code means knowing how to write instructions that explain what to do and how to do it to a computer. And languages like C#, and many more are used to write codes.

There are different types of programming languages which are used for various functionalities, therefore if you are interested in learning, you should learn several of them as it is more advantageous than mastering only one. You might also find some languages are closely related and connected to each other.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you want to create a websites, it is recommended in learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as some JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery or Angular.

Note. HTML is a markup language, and CSS is a style sheet, and JavaScript is a script language.

Always remember that, coding instructs a machine on what to do. The guidelines and framework that computers are going to conform to are provided by programming languages. They outline the tasks that a computer must complete.

How difficult is learning to coding?

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos and articles claiming that you can learn to code in few days, and it will take take only few months to master coding.

They go further saying that you can land your first job in big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Apple immediately after finishing your learning path. They will motivate you by saying that all coders lives a lavish life working only few hours a day.

It is true there are some coders got employed in those big companies, it is also true there are some coders lives a lavish life of which it is completely fine. However it is not true that you can learn to code in few days, it is not true either you can master coding in few months.

The truth is that learning to code is not difficult but it will always take some time and persistence. We only saying that learning to code is difficult due to the complexity of the instructions that computers can comprehend and interpret.

As you know we don’t interact with computers by giving instructions in english, chinese, swahili or any other human language.

You should know that some of skills needed in coding are critical thinking, being creative and persistent. There are also some terms and rules to memorize, however, when learning to code you wont be able, and there is no need to memorize every single term and code line you learn. Even those experts don’t memorize everything.

The best way to learn coding is to understand the concept of every topic you are learning. Once you understand the concept, you will be able to use your creativity to write your own lines of codes efficiently.

Below are some more skills you should obtain on your learning path.

Attention to detail

Sometimes, when you write your code you might find your application needs long lines of coded text. That is why you need a strong attention to detail. There will be a time where you will have to inspect binary code and check for any errors or bugs, your online help will be to pay attention to details.

Technology skills

When learning to code, technology skills will boost your understanding in application development.

Skills to reason

learning to code does not mean to memorize everything you learn, it is all about getting the logic and concept of what you are learning. When you have the logic and concept, that will drive you to reason and conclude the outcome of your code.

Writing skills

Although human language and computer language are distinct from one another, knowing both is helpful. To write code that communicates a clear, succinct, and intended message, you must have excellent writing skills.

Where to learn coding

Beginners can learn to code in a variety of environments. Programming language courses are accessible in a lot of platforms paid and free ones for beginners.

Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps provide beginner and experienced learners with instruction from qualified experts. Learners pick up the skills necessary to create web-based code. Coding bootcamps are a superb way to enhance your abilities.

Bootcamp graduates frequently have competitive employment rates in the technology sector.

Apart from Boootcamps, there are a lot of online courses from different platforms such as Udemy, Codecademy, Keonig Solutions, Saylor, Codingal and so much more.

However, to master what you are learning, it will be a good move to find the best book that explains almost each and everything of the programming language you are learning. Be it markup language or script language.

Where to start?

Learn to code

Well, this will depend on your background. For instance, if you have a little technical skills, it might be a little bit easier for you to get the concept in the early stages of your learning path.

However, if you are a complete beginner should start learning the basics principles of programming languages which can be a bit common to many languages.

What matters here is your goal. You should ask yourself; who do you want to be, this question will determine which carrier in coding you will take such as software development or web development. After having your clear goals then you will know which language to start.

It is essential to know the coding learning path needs a massive time, dedication and a lot of learning curve. However, the best part about it that you can learn on your own pace.

Jobs you can land with coding skills

Mobile application developers

Being a mobile application developer your task is to design and implement products for platforms such as Android, Apple, and Windows.

Basically, mobile application developer debug, test and also manage those mobile application.

Some developer uses programming languages such as Java mobile applications for Androids and Swift for IOS.

Software Developer

The responsibilities of software developer often is to develop software, working with UX to create interfaces mock-ups.

Blockchain developer

Blockchain developer focuses on blockchain technologies. The responsibilities of blockchain developer is to design blockchain networks and applications and to analyze existing system, and they also handle front-end and back-end development, design, and maintenance.

Those are only few jobs crossed my head for now. There are a lot and a lot of coding jobs you can land, it only depend on the coding carrier you chose.


In conclusion, coding can be a lucrative carrier if you have proper goals and determination. However, you should know that to become a code wizard it will require a lot of time to learn and practicing, it is not a skill that you can acquire over night or in some few days.

























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